couples massage

Enjoy your time together. Relax with a couples massage by candlelight and enjoy the aromatic scents and atmospheric sounds.

hot stone massage

Hot lava stones are put on the energy centres of your body. The heat combined with an intensive massage stimulates the blood circulation and relaxes the muscles.

Abhyanga massage

This massage is part of traditional Indian medicine. It’s balancing, healing and gives you energy. The principle of “loving hands” is the base of all treatments in Ayurvedic medicine. This massage is recognised by Swiss health insurance.

energy candle massage

This is a massage with color therapy and soothing scents. The pleasant candle oil wax lets you relax. The special candle may be taken home after treatment.

classic massage

The skillful manual stimulation loosens the muscles, increases blood and lymph flow and enables physical and mental relaxation. It is recognized by Swiss health insurance.

sports massage

This massage method uses special tools which loosen the muscles and cause a drainage of lactic acid. It is designed to help people who are active in sports.

medicinal massages

Our staff took special training to be recognised by Swiss health insurance. This massage helps if you suffer from tension or back problems. It helps to relieve pain and is is also recommended if you suffer from inflammation.

lymphatic drainage

This is a natural, painless and healing treatment. Through the massage blocked lymph fluid is being drained, which leads to purification and a noticeable strengthening of the immune system.

partial body massage

Often there are single parts of the body that are particularly tense. Concentrated partial body massages can relieve pain, especially in the back or in the neck area.


It is said that the feet are the mirror of our body. All processes in the body are can be activated or calmed down with Reflexology. Disorders or pain can be alleviated or prevented.

Shirodhara treatment

Shirodhara is an Ayurvedic therapy in which a warm blend of essential oils is drizzled/poured onto the forehead (third eye) to help calm the nervous system.


hay flower bath

This bath is especially helpful for back, joint and muscle problems. In conjunction with a massage, you will get your body back on track.

alkaline bath

The skin is the largest excretory organ through which acids and waste are released from the body. The alkaline bath supports this process.

rose bloom bath

Indulge your senses alone or as a couple with candlelight in the romantic, fragrant bath and enjoy a bottle of Prosecco.

Cleopatra bath / Adonis bath

Honey oil and goat’s milk contain vitamins, minerals and proteins. The bath nourishes your skin and makes it velvety and supple.