Power of the mountains

This massage will give you new energy so you can move mountains! First, your skin is strengthened by a dry brush massage on the entire body. The dry brush technique has been used for centuries. The activating massage is intended to strengthen the immune system and the circulation, renew the uppermost layer of the skin, tighten the tissue and enhance blood circulation. With targeted circular and stroking movements, the lymphatic flow is stimulated, thus supporting the deacidification of the body. Afterwards you will enjoy a revitalizing full body massage which will positively influence your wellbeing.


80 minutesCHF 160

Cellulite treatment

Bye Bye Cellulite. A treatment with an innovative body lotion to prevent or reduce cellulite in the affected areas, especially the abdomen, legs, buttocks, upper arms. The massage lotion has a noticeably warming effect. The skin reddens and “burns” a bit, which is completely normal. The lotion, a special caffeine herbal power cocktail, reduces fat content and blocks fat production, speeds up drainage, strengthens blood vessels and strengthens tissue. A special massage technique with various kneading and gripping handles additionally enhances the effect of the lotion.


50 minutesCHF 125

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage

ALOHA! Travel to Hawaii and get centered with the Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Nui Massage, a holistic body massage with soothing aromatic oils. The long, flowing massage techniques and the touch of hands and forearms bring you to absolute peace.


80 minutesCHF 160

Energy candle massage

You will experience a unique and extraordinary full-body massage with the exclusively developed treatment method “Energy candle massage” by Sofri Energy Cosmetics. 7 differently coloured and fragrant energy candles are used that correspond to the 7 chakras in your body. At the beginning, our therapist will advise you in which phase of life, in which chakra, which color you are in at the moment, or you can choose your own favourite color. Subsequently, the candle is lit and you will be massaged with this candle wax, which consists mainly of nourishing coconut oil. As a result, the effective ingredients of the energy-candle-oil reach your skin and your senses. Relax with a deep-acting full-body massage while the room is enveloped in the energy scents.

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After the treatment, you can take the scented candle home with you.


80 minutesCHF 165

Hot Stone

Hot lava stones are put on the energy centres of your body. The heat combined with an intensive massage stimulates the blood circulation and relaxes the muscles.


80 minutesCHF 160

If you do not arrive at the agreed starting time for a booked treatment, the duration of treatment shortens by the corresponding delay (without reduction of the treatment costs). If you cancel a booked treatment less than 24 hours before the start, we will charge you 50% of the treatment costs.

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