Floating on the softpack lounger

Antiquity knew seven heavenly spheres. The material world ended behind the last visible planet Saturn. There began the invisible spiritual world, the world of fantasy, desires and dreams. It might feel like visiting this world when relaxing on our soft pack lounger (also called floating couch). The soft pack lounger is a high tech tempered waterbed. Your body gets treated with a fragrant detoxification pack and wrapped in foil. The gentle water pressure and the heat support the active ingredients and increase the absorption of skin care products by 60 percent. It relaxes the muscles, relieves the spine and detoxifies your body as you float and dream of invisible worlds.

Feel beautiful and weightless

Enjoy a highly effective body wrap applied to your body, in almost weightless condition, like on a waterbed. In addition, comforting warmth, subdued light, gentle music, as well as nourishing oils that affect the skin. The body is well wrapped and covered with a softpack blanket so that the products can penetrate optimally and deeply into the skin while you’re relaxing the mind and soul. Soft packs also have a positive effect on the bones and muscles.

The treatments

The body packs provide pure relaxation, promote blood circulation, the purification of the skin and the detoxification of the body. They tighten the tissue, nourish the skin, improve chronic conditions and help with dry skin, atopic dermatitis and psoriasis.

(The soft pack bed is a painless and pressure-free treatment, which is also often used for the treatment of chronic rheumatic, degenerative diseases, accidental patients, depression, exhaustion, insomnia and much more.)

  • Purification pack
    ~60 minutes – 120 CHF / Alpienne products
  • Sports and vitality pack
    ~60 minutes – 120 CHF / Alpienne products