Hand soap, body lotion, shampoo and conditioner. People usually buy them in a plastic bottle, producing tons of plastic waste.

The Swiss non-profit organization Trash Hero World is taking measures together with companies to reduce plastic waste to zero! The refillable Zero-Waste cosmetics are already available at over 20 locations and now the first Swiss hotel is also included!

Cosmetic products are part of our everyday life. Unfortunately, they are usually packaged in plastic and also contain microplastic or palm oil, which additionally pollutes the environment.

In 2016 Trash Hero World launched the “Trash Hero Love Beauty” products. Various cosmetic products can be bought and replenished in a glass container. The dispensers can be refilled at more than 20 sales stations throughout Switzerland. Also in the entire process, no plastic waste is created. Even the 10 liter canisters for the fillings are washed after use and refilled by the manufacturer.

Thanks to refilling, around 10’000 disposable plastic packaging items will be saved this year, and in 2020 it should even reach more than 20’000 bottles.

The Swiss hotel industry is interested

The plastic waste of cosmetic products is not only a topic in private households, but also in the hotel industry. A hotel with 200 rooms and disposable cosmetics causes about 4 tons of plastic waste per year.

Not so the Hotel Rössli Gourmet & Spa in Weggis that since recently relies on the zero-waste solution from Trash Hero.

“We want to actively contribute to a clean environment. The solution from Trash Hero is of high quality and we inspire our guests to use the products at home as well,” says the host Jan M. Molderings of the Hotel Rössli who now uses the products.

Already in 50 rooms the refillable glass dispensers of Trash Hero are mounted in the shower and in the bathroom as well as in the wellness area. The update of the remaining 20 rooms will follow in January 2020.

Also good for the climate

A large part of all plastic packaging of cosmetics in Switzerland ends up in normal waste and is burned. During combustion and also during production, CO2 is emitted.

In order to reduce CO2 emissions to a minimum, Trash Hero Love products are made from 100% natural ingredients by Schnarwiler Health & Beauty in Weggis.

“Many manufacturers rely on recycled plastic – but especially in the cosmetics and food industry, only a small portion of the packaging can be recycled and reused. We aim for a change in habits and patterns of behavior so that we do not even waste,” says Sandro Schnarwiler, Managing Director of Schnarwiler AG.

The practical Trash Hero products are also available for home purchase and can be refilled at many refill stations. The network is growing steadily. A map of the current partners can be found here: schnarwiler.ch/refill

About Trash Hero World

The Trash Hero movement started in 2013 and has set itself the goal of tackling the global waste and plastics problem. The non-profit organization started with beach clean-ups. Meanwhile, there are more than 135 local groups in 11 different countries, which have mobilized more than 230,000 volunteers for weekly clean-ups and sustainable waste management projects worldwide. Other projects include reusable water bottles and shopping bags as well as education projects in schools. The non-profit organization Trash Hero World is headquartered in Inwil (Lucerne) and finances itself exclusively through donations.

more information:

Trash Hero: www.trashhero.org

Schnarwiler Health & Beauty:schnarwiler.ch, info@schnarwiler.com

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We will find suitable solutions for all guests with current or future reservations. Please contact us at mail@roessli.ch

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