lymphatic drainage

This is a natural, painless and healing treatment. Through the massage blocked lymph fluid is being drained, which leads to purification and a noticeable strengthening of the immune system.


25 minutesCHF 60
50 minutesCHF 110

medical massage

The medical massage addresses the specific muscular problems of the patient and usually uses more firm pressure than a classic massage. Thus, in the deeper muscle layers significantly better circulation and improved cell metabolism in the tissue is achieved. The entire body is detoxified and the blood and lymph stream is stimulated. Also tensions and cramps of the muscles can be relieved. This method is also used for disc problems, inflammation and pain relief. In addition, a mental relaxation is also achieved with this massage and stress symptoms can be alleviated.

products in use


50 minutesCHF 140

If you do not arrive at the agreed starting time for a booked treatment, the duration of treatment shortens by the corresponding delay (without reduction of the treatment costs). If you cancel a booked treatment less than 24 hours before the start, we will charge you 50% of the treatment costs.

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