Beauty is our passion, nature our example.

Beauty has many aspects at every age. The well-trained Hotel Rössli beauticians know that harmony, charisma and wellbeing of external beauty are of the utmost importance. Our cosmetic treatments take place in an atmospheric ambience and are individually tailored to your needs. Our beauty treatments are designed to be holistic and sustainable, so that your natural beauty will resonate.

The Rössli cosmetics team recognizes, treats and finds the right care and product combination for your facial skin so that you will enjoy your newly acquired radiance long after your visit to the Wellness Hotel Rössli.

Facials and make-up

Classical facial with neck and neckline

Cleansing, peeling, steam, cleansing, brow correction, facial massage, mask and final care

90 minutesCHF 130

Deep cleansing

Cleansing, peeling, steam, cleansing, brow correction, mask and final care

60 minutesCHF 90

Anti-age facial

Cleansing, peeling, steam, cleansing, facial massage, eyebrow correction, mask, ampoule and final care

110 minutesCHF 165

Sofri teen treatment

For young skin up to 20 years. Also recommended for acne.

Cleansing, peeling, steam, cleansing, brow correction, mask and final care

75 minutesCHF 85

Fresh-kick “instant booster”

Against tiredness and as a quick kick of freshness before a date.

Cleansing, mask plus lifting ampoule, small face massage and final care.

35 minutesCHF 75

Facial treatment for men

Cleansing, peeling, steam, cleansing, brow correction, mask and final care

60 minutesCHF 90

Cosmetic shiatsu facial massage

Relax with a very special facial massage. The additionally used Shiatsu pressure point technique releases blockages and can prevent and relieve headaches.

30 minutesCHF 50

Day & Evening Make Up

30 minutesCHF 50

Hands & feet 

manicure with nail polish

~60 minutesCHF 55

manicure small without nail polish

~30 minutesCHF 30

only nail polish

~15 minutesCHF 10


~60 minutesCHF 70

Paraffin wax Hand or foot treatment

~30 minutesCHF 30

Waxing, colouring, correction

upper lip

~20 minutesCHF 15


~20 minutesCHF 20


~20 minutesCHF 25


~30 minutesCHF 25

legs complete

~60 minutesCHF 85

legs up to knees

~30 minutesCHF 50

torso or back

from CHF 50

eyelash colouring

~30 minutesCHF 20

eyebrow colouring

~30 minutesCHF 20

eyebrow correction

~30 minutesCHF 20

Les Naturelles

Switzerland impresses with intact, diverse, beautiful and sustainably cultivated landscapes. Likewise, research, technological achievements and an awareness of quality are a tradition in Switzerland. For this reason, the Rössli cosmetics team works with products from the Swiss cosmetics line Les Naturelles, which has been combining these values ​​since 1978 and continues to develop and enhance its products. Les Naturelles are top quality products that are tailored to the various skin types and provide visible results. The entire range guarantees a visible effect and a very good compatibility. The raw materials used are of the highest purity and come from safe sources. It goes without saying that the Naturelles cosmetic line is formulated without ingredients of animal origin, without mineral oils and without parabens, and in compliance with the strict industry guidelines (GMP Good Manufacturing Practice).

Color Energy

The cosmetic company Sofri was founded in 1996 in Austria. Its vegan Color Energy line is based on the holistic chakra doctrine of Hinduism. The seven chakras, body points, constitute the energy center between the physical and the metaphysical body. The individual chakras are also assigned to colors and according to the ancient Hinduism, the seven chakras are connected with up to 350,000 energy channels. These chakra colors are used in the Color Energy line. Together with the natural ingredients they should have a targeted effect on the psyche and thus on the skin’s appearance. Sofri products are made without parabens, mineral derivatives, aluminum salts or modified genetic material.

Our Les Naturelles line
Our Color Energy line

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