Classic full body massage

The skillful manual stimulation loosens the muscles, increases blood and lymph flow and enables physical and mental relaxation.


50 minutesCHF 110
80 minutesCHF 150

Intensive back massage

This massage is only for your back, neck and shoulder area. This is a very intense back massage that can effectively resolve deep-seated tension. This results in excellent tissue perfusion and the removal of metabolic end products. Depending on the location of the hardening and the blockages, the therapist slowly prepares the deeper layers of the neck, back, shoulder and lumbar muscles in further steps. Through the intensity and technique of this massage, the therapist achieves an activation of the energy flow in the back of the guest, improved mobility of the spine and the head, and a reduction of the basic tension in these parts of the body. In addition, you feel relaxed and relaxed after this massage!


25 minutesCHF 75

Partial body massage

Often there are single parts of the body that are particularly tense. Concentrated partial body massages can relieve pain, especially in the back or in the neck area.


25 minutesCHF 60

sports massage

Sports massages focus on recovery and regeneration after physical activity and injury prevention. This massage method with specialised grip techniques loosens the muscles and causes a removal of lactic acid. The applied pressure with this technique is usually stronger than with traditional massages. It is well suited for people who are active in sports.


50 minutesCHF 125


It is said that the feet are the mirror of our body. All processes in the body are can be activated or calmed down with Reflexology. Disorders or pain can be alleviated or prevented.


25 minutesCHF 60
50 minutesCHF 110

Aroma oil massage

The aroma oil massage combines the elements of a massage with the controlled use of various essential oils. It works holistically on a physical and psychological level. During the massage, the active ingredients of the essential oils pass through the skin and nose into the organism. Depending on the type of essence used, the massage is soothing, stimulating, warming, centering, balancing, relaxing, refreshing and much more.


50 minutesCHF 115
80 minutesCHF 155

lymphatic drainage

This is a natural, painless and healing treatment. Through the massage blocked lymph fluid is being drained, which leads to purification and a noticeable strengthening of the immune system.


25 minutesCHF 60
50 minutesCHF 110

Surcharge Alpienne massage

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CHF 10

If you do not arrive at the agreed starting time for a booked treatment, the duration of treatment shortens by the corresponding delay (without reduction of the treatment costs). If you cancel a booked treatment less than 24 hours before the start, we will charge you 50% of the treatment costs.

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