Pilates for everyone Hotel Rössli

The Pilates method is a holistic body workout program in which especially the low-lying, smaller and weaker muscle groups are addressed, which ensure a healthy posture. The aim is to strengthen the muscles, improve the condition and coordination of movement, improve posture, stimulate the circulation and increase body awareness. The basis of all exercises is the training of the so-called “Powerhouse”, which means the muscles lying in the middle of the body around the spine, the so-called support muscles. The training includes strength exercises, stretching and conscious breathing. All movements are performed slowly and fluently, which protects the muscles and joints.

Pilates is also sometimes suitable for rehabilitation after accidents. Pilates training can take place on the mat and on specially designed equipment. The Pilates Method was invented and developed by the German Joseph Hubert Pilates (1883-1967).

16.10h – 17.00h
17.30h – 18.20h

10.00h – 10.50h
14.00h – 14.50h
16.40h – 17.30h

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Pilates group single entry:
50 min / CHF 25

Pilates group 10 entries:
CHF 230

Pilates personal training:
60 Min. / CHF 90