Fühlen Sie sich wie Kleopatra und Tutanchamun

Antique beauty ritual meets modern wellness method

Our Ägyptos treatments

body wrap

~ 60 minutes
CHF 135.00

body scrub and body wrap

~ 80 minutes
CHF 170.00

body scrub, body wrap and body oiling

~ 110 minutes
CHF 195.00

Ägyptos 3 day package

day 1 – body scrib and body wrap
day 2 – body wrap
day 3 – body wrap and body oiling
spread over 3 days
CHF 395.00

Salt from the Dead Sea and mud packs were already very popular body rituals in the Pharaonic realm. Vital earth with valuable minerals and trace elements from the Safi Valley in Egypt and the Dead Sea salt with the highest magnesium content are used. Best, natural ingredients and a 100% natural method make each treatment a unique experience to enjoy.

After the first treatment, you will see and feel how the powerful ingredients treat your skin, how to regain youthful firmness and how to refine your body silhouette!

Come along, we are happy to advise you!

Yours truly,
beauty and spa team

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