Fun for Mommy and baby

fitdankbaby® offers you a specially coordinated, postnatal training for you and your baby. The courses are interesting and effective.

The workout strengthens the entire musculature and brings the body back into shape. Core-stabilizing exercises for the back, abdomen and pelvic floor are based on your everyday movement and level of recovery.

The nice thing is, your baby is always close to you and motivates you during the entire course.

With versatile games, happy songs and age-appropriate baby fitness, your child is also challenged and encouraged. It learns the motor skills playfully.

Target audience


Active with baby

With babies from 3 to 7 months

Qualitative time and fun with your baby
Strengthening of the abdomen, legs, buttocks, back
Support for regression (pelvic floor)
The training weight grows with you
Game ideas and songs for your baby
Exchange with other mums


Active with toddler

With baby from 8 to 14 months

Fitness course with toddler
Have fun with the new training goal
Supports your baby’s mobility


Active with strollers

For all stroller ages

More strength and endurance
Increased calorie consumption
Stress relief in the fresh air
Group motivation

postnatal training

The basis for you and your baby

from 6 weeks (8 weeks with caesarean section) after birth

A stable core
Helps to close the rectal diastasis
For a healthy pelvic floor
The best basis for everyday life and for future fitness courses
Massage and romp games for your baby
Exchange with other mums
Additional information, tips and exercises for at home


Active with baby bump – pregnancy training

from the 14th week of pregnancy

Improves posture and mobility
Increased well-being with baby bump
More energy for birth and baby time
Positive effects on the development of the baby
Exchange and support

Course duration

8 units of 75 minutes


10.00h – 11.15h

outdoor course

(stroller age)

13.30h – 14.45h

postnatal training

(from 6th PW to 8th PW with CS)

18.30h – 19.30h

prenatal training PRE

(from 14th pregnancy week)


12.45h – 14.00h

postnatal training

(from 6th PW to 8th PW with CS)

14.30h – 15.45h

maxi course

(babies from 8 months)

We ask you to sign up
+41 (0) 41 392 27 72


Full course (8 lessons):
CHF 190.00

Single lesson:  
CHF 25.00

Why booking directly with us is worth it:

  • Free upgrade to the next higher room category (subject to availability)
  • Free late check-out (subject to availability)
  • Best Price with refund warranty
  • Exclusive special offers and perks